There have been overdue changes on the Server and in the layout. Please excuse the delay in publishing your entries. Everythig should work fine now, but if you experience problems or come across mistakes please email me.

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On July 31st, 2005 Mr Janicot, French Briard breeder/ judge died in a car accident coming back from a show where he was judging. He has bred Briards in the past under De La Chevrerie Kennel. A tragic loss for the Briard world.

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Entries for the BCD Clubschau on June 26/27th, 2004 in Recke-Obersteinbeck (Germany) can now be made until Juni 12th, 2004.

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We moved succsessfully (for financial reasons) to a new server and everything should be working properly again. Should you still come across problems and malfunctions, please inform us, so we can take care of it.

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Starting May 1st, 2004 ear cropping is prohibited in France.

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According to the Czech law  as of  March 1st, 2004 participation of cropped dogs in all events in the Czech Republic is stictly prohibited regardless the country of origin!
Therefore there are changes in some events of the Czech Briard Klub:
- The 2nd Czch SELECTION is cancelled
- The 15th Czech Club Show is moved into HLUCIN near Ostrava.

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There are plenty of new entries in the show calender and in the German meeting calender.

There are still no news regarding the copy rights violation in the "Weltgrößte Briardgalerie" on the website http://www.briard-freunde.de. As long as legal actions take place in the background we cannot forward any information without risking legal trouble ourselves. We appreciate your understanding.


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Entered Litters: Because some breeders unfortunately miss to inform us when all puppies have found a new home, there is a backup in the list of "born litters". Therefore we are forced to delete all anouncements that are older than 3 months unless you notify us that there are still puppies available. In this case the entry will stay in the list for another month each time you update us.
In the listings for planned or expected litters the entries will be removed about 1 month after the expected date if we don't hear from you.
This does not mean that you as a breeder are now released from the responsibility to keep us updated. We put a lot of time into this service (and we are happy to do it!), but with your cooperation you can make it a lot easier for us. Thanks for your understanding.

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Upon multiple requests we offer now a breeding bitches directory as well. The structure will be the same as in the stud dog directory. All breeders can now have their breeding bitches listed here by using the entry form.

There´s no doubt you have realized that the information pages regarding the violation of copy rights in the "Weltgrößte Briardgalerie" on the website http://www.briard-freunde.de is not back online yet. Unfortunately the legal matter takes very long which is not an unusual thing with legal affairs.

The category "Links" offers now several banners to choose from which you can use to link to BriardWorldNet.


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The information pages regarding the violation of copy rights in the "Weltgrößte Briardgalerie" on the website http://www.briard-freunde.de have to be taken off the server temporarily until a legal matter can be resolved. We expect the pages to be back online within 24 - 48 hours.
We appreciate your understanding and hope you will come back soon.

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The show calendar went online in a bilungual version.

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The dog school directory is bilingual (German & English) now and can be  accessed from the English Version of BriardWorldNet, too.

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The stud dog directory is now bilingual (German & English) and can be accessed from the English Version of BriardWorldNet, too.

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The BriardWorldNet start page has a new design. This is a joint work of Andreas Quadt and me.

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20.01.03 (by Thomas)

Heike publishes the first English language pages. (more to come!)

The navigation within the breeder listings has been improved (please take a look).

On the main page there is now a table which provides the dates of the latest updates.


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14.01.2003 (by Thomas)

The new BriardWorldNet launches. We hope that you like the merger of Briardworld and Briardnet in its new version. We think that the navigation is clear and concise, because we use a left frame that never changes and you can get to all pages from there. There are still many pages to be worked on, among them the link pages.

Your steady interest has made the Briardworld what it is today. When I began 2 years ago ... little by little... I never dared to dream that it would become so big. And that caused me to talk to Heike Trozzo, whom you might know as the webmaster of the Briardnet website and as the founder of the German Briard mailing list. She had already made me a co-moderator of the mailing list a while ago. I asked her for help with the Briardworld (especially the English part) and we came to the conclusion that it would be a great idea to merge our websites with all their components since they had the same purpose anyway: information about our furry friends, who we all love so dearly.

I didn't need to beg for long. Heike agreed immediately and you see the results on these pages.
We both hope that you will find any information that you are looking for and enjoy surfing through the BWN. Please don't forget to sign the guestbook.

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09.01.2003 (by Thomas)

The picture gallery on the website of Briard-Freunde (a club who is not a member of the VDH) offers the visitor to view pictures and information of dogs if you call a 0190... number (which costs 1,86 € per min.). This is NOT with the consent of breeders and Briard owners of the BCD (Briard Club Deutschland) and cfh (Club für französische Hirtenhunde), whose dogs are presented on these pages without permission of the owners!
Breeders and owners of dogs associated with one of the VDH clubs of the breed "Berger de Brie" distance themselves explicitly from the Briard-Freunde website! Legal actions against the webmaster have already been started.